Have you heard of Hackschooling? Me either!

Published January 25, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

I guess it is true that you learn something new everyday. I never realized that a term that we as a society to be a bad thing could be turned around and make it something good! After reading the article, I was slightly confused walking away from it. I get the point of wanting to make things! Everyone should make things. When we make things we learn from what we did wrong and things that we know worked and to do the next time. Not only do we learn, we spark a creativity that is inside of us! When we make things we do it how we want and it can be way out there or it can be subtle but it is your creation! The next thing is where I started getting so confused and left for wanting more information. How can the word hacking be good in education? When we hear that word we think of those hackers that sit behind a computer and shut down live gaming networks, or send viruses to other computers. How in the world can this be good, well because when we hack education we are doing it to better ourselves and not hurt the system. His last point in the article was play. Of course this one sparked the most interest! Who does not love to play? It is even better when we can take things we are learning and make a game out of it. It makes it more fun not only for those who we are teaching but even the teacher themselves.

After reading the article I jumped into the TED talks video and can I just say I love these videos! They make learning fun and you feel like you walk away with a whole new understanding that you did not have before. This little boy is quite the inspiration! When the video starts, he points out the fact that when we ask adults what they want their children to be they all have high hopes like a doctor, astronaut or even lawyer. When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they respond HAPPY! Why yes, children have the right idea! Why should we force something onto them that they do not want to do. In this society we have become so focused on surviving in life instead of living life! We do need to stop wishing to be happy and do something about it! We can talk all day about what would make us happy, but instead of talking let’s make it happen! This video opened my eyes to what hacking really is and of course not the negative connotation. The article left me wanting more and this video gave it to me. I do think that we need to try to hack school more often. Why not try to make it better and get the best out of it. We all sometimes drag through life and not enjoy the things we are learning but if we were able to break past the boring and hack it into something we love then we might just be on the right track!

I do still think there is a lot more research before we just introduce this into schools. It would not only take time and money but it would take training on how exactly to do it the correct way. Both the article and video both have me wanting to google and find more information. Its topics like this that make you want to think and maybe learn how to use them in a later class!3556966155_b6a4686b68_b


6 comments on “Have you heard of Hackschooling? Me either!

  • I think there’s hope for our education system yet, if we let both students and teachers have a bit of control over their methods. As you said, it would take a lot of time and money to train people properly. I’ve known a lot of teachers who have had their own methods they preferred to use (that worked!) that were forced to change by the school system. Where’s the sense in that? If children are actually learning, isn’t that the goal?

    It helps to remember that teachers are still students in their own right. Every student is their own set of tests, quizzes, and challenges.


  • It saddens me that school is becoming something that prepares students to make a living rather than getting them prepared for the life that lays ahead of them. Students should have fun with their education! If there is no interest in what they are learning it will never stick and then there will be bigger problems to follow. I would like to learn more about it, but I am in support of the “hackschooling” idea. I like how it gives the students more control over their education.


  • What I love about making, playing, hacking is that there isn’t a correct way to do it! It’s all about exploration and discovery. Sometimes doing things absolutely the wrong way actually leads to the best learning. I think we worry so much as teachers about getting it wrong, about not knowing what our students are learning, about not being in control. I think school is much more exciting and valuable when we try to let go of some of that need to be trained and to know exactly what we’re doing before we do it. As a teacher, I jump into new things with my students all the time and learn right alongside them. We can all teach each other, which leads to some powerful learning experiences.


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