Liars, Liars everywhere!

Published January 29, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

When I first started looking at TED talk videos I choose one that was 7 ways to happiness. I was intrigued just by the title but as I watched the video I learned that it was more about his happiness then finding happiness in general! I quickly found another one that caught my eye! How to spot a Liar, the title just sounds interesting right? In today’s society it seems that lying and deceiving is becoming more prevalent and it does not seem to fade away anytime soon. Sometimes we do not even realize we are lying until later when the truth comes out!

When we become teachers we will all have students that lie about something. Whether it be that their dog ate their homework or they did not have time, it will happen! This video reveals ways to spot people when they are lying. I do realize that these lies are not as huge as some lies that are told in the country but they will become important in an education setting. Did you ever realize that lying becomes a cooperative act? If someone goes along with a lie they are just making the lie have more truth. You are a coulparate.

It has also been proven that men lie eight times more about themselves as when women lie they are normally lying to protect someone other than themselves. Have you seen this in action? As I sat back and thought about it, I would have to agree. When my husband lies it is definitely about him and only him. When I tell a lie it is usually so someone does not feel left out or someones feelings are not hurt. I am more concerned with others than myself. I realize that a lie is a lie, which means in today’s society we need to just stop! Stop giving white lies and stopping lying to each other. Our country is ran so much on deception and lies it seems like first hand nature! The video also pointed out that we lie from being a baby all the way to an adult and the lies seem to advance.

This video even gave ways to spot a liar. Now that we know the tell tales, will you try to spot when someone is lying or will we just let it continue to happen like nothing has happened and go on with our lives. We need to remember one thing, lies can really and seriously hurt someone. So before we all think about lying, think about who it will hurt if the truth is found out.


6 comments on “Liars, Liars everywhere!

  • Do you know how many times my husband has asked me how I did in an interview – and I thought I did great – only to find out, not so much…so, maybe this will help me next time I interview? BTW, dear hubby is a former police officer – can spot a lie a mile away! haha

    This is a great video – thanks for sharing!


  • I guess being a woman & telling lies to help others makes us better? Ha! Just kidding! I do find that if I tell a lie it is to make others look better & a white lie here and there to ease the pain of the truth. There is no excuse for lies, though. It would be fun to do a Truth for a Week blog & challenge everyone to tell the truth for a week…or even one day…or maybe just one hour & they can respond with their findings & how it made them feel, etc. Just an idea. Great TED Talk find!


  • I’m disappointed that your first TED talk didn’t work out for you, because don’t we all want to know the concrete steps to happiness? I’ve noticed that some TED speakers seem to be a bit egotistical, but I’m glad you found one that piqued your interest. The sociology behind lying is so interesting, especially some of the facts that you stated about men vs. women lying (the way I understand it, women are just obviously much more caring and compassionate 🙂 ) Spotting a liar is a helpful tool in and out of school, because it keeps people from taking advantage of us and makes us more wary members of society. Thanks for sharing what you learned with us!


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