Who are You Online? Friend or Foe? Bully or Savior?

Published March 19, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

Nowadays everyone is on social media and everyone posts things about their life. Is that a good thing? Sometimes the things we post have no affect on others but other things that we post have a huge impact on others lives. Being on social media we want to post what we ate the night before, where we have been and what we want out of life. It all started with MySpace when we were younger and now it has moved to things such as twitter, Facebook, and even instagram. We use these sources to keep up with family who live in different states or even the friends who we haven’t seen in months. Instead of calling people it is easier to Facebook, or tweet people. The response is almost instant. As a society we should think about the consequences about the things we post, such things as pictures of our children or even our daily lives. These are things that lead people to track you down and use them against and could even possibly hurt you. In the article “Who Are You Online?” http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/05/guest-post-who-are-you-online-considering-issues-of-web-identity/?smid=tw-share&_r=0 the author talks out if someone were to google you what would they find, so I tried it. I googled Ashley Melvin North Platte, NE. The things that came up amazed me. Nothing was bad but there were things that I didn’t even realize you could still find. There was an obituary that I was listed in for my husband’s grandfather who passed away two years ago. That was one of the first things that popped up in my google search. The next thing that popped up was a link to my twitter and then my Facebook. The last thing I found was the meritpages for Chadron State College. This was kind of interesting because in realizing that all of this stuff really is out there for everyone to see kind of scares me. I make sure all of my privacy settings are fully blocked but who knows someone could sneak around them and use information against me. It makes me think that I should be very careful about the things I post.

If I were to have a criminal record or any charges a potential employer could easily find that out about me. Even looking at my Facebook and twitter I should be careful because I am sure there is always someone out there to judge what I have done or am doing now. These are things that I should be thinking about with graduation coming up and the chance of getting a teaching job. The even scarier thing about digital citizenship is the way you talk and treat people online. Are you a friend or foe? Are you a bully or savior? When you talk bad to people and treat them horribly you become a bully on social media for the whole world to see. Is that how you want to be remembered? The other article that has caught my eye is “7 Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying”. http://www.teachthought.com/culture/7-ways-to-prevent-cyberbullying/ This article really hits home because my family has experienced some hard times  with bullying and loosing people to suicide. We as a society and even parents should teach our children that it is okay not to bully someone to make themselves feel better. We need to give them all the facts about what bullying does and if someone is pushed to far the end result could be suicide.

This all leads to digital citizenship. The things we post online can hurt ourselves as well as other around us. People can physically attack you for the things you post or the way you look in a photo. They can call you fat or you are to skinny or even to ugly but their opinion should not matter. Just make sure the things you post on social  media and what you leave for your digital citizenship will follow you for the rest of your life.

Here is a youtube video that has helped my brother and his friends through some things. I hope it helps someone else who is struggling with being bullied, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkaxbaX1WAE

1506461_10202384427669467_1825654186_nThis is how I want people to know me, as a mother, a wife, as a student and as a person who cares for people in general. I also want to be remembered as someone who has a heart of gold and will help anyone in need! This is what I want my digital citizenship to be!


4 comments on “Who are You Online? Friend or Foe? Bully or Savior?

  • Cyber bulling has become a major problem in schools today and I too was a victim of bullying. I agree with you, I too want people remember me as a wife, mother, and helping people in need. I think that this world needs more of these kinds of people out there.


  • I think these conversations about digital footprints need to start so much earlier than they do. For some of my college students, my class is the first time they’ve ever been asked to reflect on what they do online and what kind of impression they’re making. For many teacher candidates, that’s too late!


  • Cyber bulling is rampant. I have been shocked by how mean girls can be especially. Yak has been a major problem in Holdrege this past school year. The effects of it caused a girl to commit suicide. I have no tolerance for cyber bulling.


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