Who Knew the Generation of Teenagers Can Help With Digital Activism?

Published March 28, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

After reading all of the articles on digital activism and doing some research on my own, I realized that the generation of teenagers that are around today are the best bet to get digital activism out there. They are the best bet to let people know that they are beautiful in their own skin and no matter what others tell them about themselves they are amazing just the way they are. I know cheesy right I just quoted Bruno Mars, but he is right we should all know what we are amazing just the way were are. We need to let those people who are the victims of bullying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and going the route to end it all is not okay. Digital activism is also out there to get world out about hunger, or even poverty that is in out in our world today. We all have seen that commercial, the one where the kids are on there talking about solving poverty and even world hunger by taking baby steps which could lead to bigger steps. They are absolutely right! It takes one person to bring awareness to something and their message to be clear as day and your message is out in the world for people to see.

Social Media has become the best tool available out there for teens to get there word out there. When researching a teen nominee for activisim I came across a girl who has an instagram. Her moto STAY STRONG. She will post pictures of inspiring quotes for people to read when they are having a bad day. https://instagram.com/project_bully_free_zone She is doing something that I am sure many teens out there wish they had the courage to do it. Well I am here to tell if she can do it so can you! She was not the only teen that made thtat list of nominations. There were plenty more who decide it was their turn to take a stand.

We as adults are not powerless either. We need to teach our children to be kind to everyone they meet. We also need to let them know it is not okay to judge someone by their appearance or the life they live. It is just like that old saying never judge a book by its cover. We do not know the demons someone is fighting behind closed doors. It is our time as a society to but a plan in action and run with it, just like those teens did. So take the time to use your 140 words on twitter to let someone know they are special or can make a difference in the world. Use just one status on facebook to let people know that being different is okay. We can even use instagram just like the young lady I choose to research and post a positive picture or even quote.

Everyone should listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS_TKKeucpQ


Beauty change It starts with you


3 comments on “Who Knew the Generation of Teenagers Can Help With Digital Activism?

  • It is so true that today with Twitter, Facebook, snap chat, etc.. that teens are able to get their voices heard. As an adult I have seen young people say some really outstanding ideas and thoughts on what is going on in the world.


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