Digital Mindness

Published April 3, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

I know that people feel like the internet has taken over people’s lives. We live by it, and we can’t go without checking our social medias or even pinning something on pinterest. It has even gotten to the point that people share what they are cooking or even eating for dinner on the internet. When it comes to the internet, I used to be very bad. I was always online and I was always checking such things like Facebook, instagram, and even pinterest. Then my son came and I cut back significantly, just so my attention was on him. Although I do still find myself from time to time when I am on my computer doing homework to click another tab and open Facebook. In the article I read Simplify the Internet by Leo Babauta,  he tells use to use social media sparingly if we can’t cut it out completely. So that is something I have been trying to do. It has actually helped. I do check it more than I probably should but it does not become my main focus and I am able to complete homework quicker than I used to when I was getting distracted by the internet.

It is hard sometimes to put the internet away right? We may miss something, but have you ever thought you are missing something from the real world. In the article What Happened When Teens Try to Disconnect From Tech For Three Days by Katrina Schwartz the students were talking about how it was actually eye-opening to have all technology taken away. They were able to have conversations with friends without interruption and even accomplish homework in a quicker time. It seems that when we are with family everyone is on their phone and not enjoying each others company like it used to be. My husband is guilty of this sometimes and I always get on him about it. It doesn’t always help but sometimes it does. The hard thing is that sometimes people use social media to keep in touch with family who do not live near by. I know that I use it for that sometimes.

Today in this society people need to learn that there can be both using the internet and our devices and enjoying the real world. We can gain from both but we have to learn when the limit is enough. So lets enjoy our families, and the life that we have but lets also learn about new and exciting things from the internet. Lets keep in touch with people who we have forgotten or lost touch with. We can use the internet and our devices for good, but we have to learn what is right and what is wrong.

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5 comments on “Digital Mindness

  • I totally agree with your statement that it’s important to enjoy both technology and the real world. In my blog, I talked about how the key to using the internet mindfully is moderation. We should use the internet when it will facilitate our learning, or if it’s providing entertainment, but not when it’s doing nothing for us or blocking contact with our loved ones. We hold so much power in our pockets these days, power that can be used for good or for time wasting. And while I think it’s okay to waste time on the internet sometimes, we shouldn’t let it get in the way of what we need to do.


  • I have to agree with you that we have to enjoy both technology and the real world. Some of us need to take the time get off our phones/tablets/computers and look at the real world there are some pretty amazing things in life that when we spend our time on the internet we miss out on. I have come to realize that I to have to stop and say hey that is enough Facebook time to get out and see what is going on outside of social media.


  • I do try to be very mindful of my use of technology when I’m with my son. And he will definitely comment on it if he thinks I should be paying more attention to him! I need to find ways to simplify and be more mindful about how I’m using social media on my own time. I waste A LOT of time checking and rechecking email, FB, Twitter, etc.


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