Graphic/ Visual Creation and Tools

Published April 17, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

This week is something a bit new to me. I mean I have seen these things on the internet but I have never fully attempted to try them. The articles Take 5: Comic Book/Strip Creation Tools and Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva talked about quite of few creation tools, I have never heard of or even seen. The one that I have seen is bitstrips on facebook and honestly I never had the urge to use it. Although after checking some of these out for myself and seeing the things that you can do with them I might just use them for a later class. The Piktochart and Canva are specifically where I was amazed with everything you could do. I could make posters and even those memes you see all over the internet. I am not going to lie I never knew how those were made but I was always curious.

I think that these tools could come in handy when I start tp teach because I could use them for a lesson or even to draw my students attention to something that I want them to remember. Comic books seem to be back and very popular with this generation of children. When I was observing they are were so excited about their legos, or even other books that were made into comic book styles. I find that if you know that students are interested in comics already, chances are if you use one in a lesson or to grab their attention for something it would work. We need to be playing off what our students like and going from there.

I can say that I will use them but only time will tell. I am however very excited that this class gave us the chance to explore new things  especially technology things because technology is such a huge part of learning today. It is not all about notes and textbooks like when I was in school. Technology seems to be letting students learn in different ways and retain the information need without drilling into their heads. I plan on saving these websites and making it a goal to try to use one of the websites just once in a lesson plan. If it works then I know it can be something to use in the later future. Who knows I may even like using them all time.



11 comments on “Graphic/ Visual Creation and Tools

  • I like you comic strip, it’s pretty funny! I had read about the comic strips creation tool, but was so interested in the other tools I did not think too much about how the comic strip creator could be utilized int he classroom. I think you are right and kids would connect well with this type of project because it is something they are into already. Great post!


  • Good analysis of the subject matter this week. I have also seen the comic strips and bitstrips on facebook but haven’t ever used them. I chose to use Piktochart and loved it! I highly recommend playing with that site. It was very user friendly & downloading was easy.


  • I may someday steal your little comic and use it in a lesson about cell division 🙂 Looking at other people’s comics has opened my eyes to not only how these creation tools could be used to reinforce concepts in the classroom, but also how these creation websites could be used by students to further their learning. To gauge if a student really understands what they’re learning or if they’re merely going through the motions, I could have them create a fun little image that sums up their knowledge of the lesson. Not only would they be able to create something beautiful or funny, but they would also demonstrate their learning to me!


  • I may never use these things in a classroom for early childhood but it is good to know that they are out there if I ever need to use them. like you said who knows I just may use them and learn to like them.


  • Nice job on your first endeavor into comic-ing! I’ve always been a big proponent of using comic books / visual arts in classrooms. My sophomore year on my blog I ran a lot of pieces about Graphic Novels and their uses in classrooms, I focused pretty heavily on superhero comics. This year I’m taking an independent study Graphic Novels course with Dr. Ellington, and I’ve really been branching out. I think students could learn a -lot- from comics, including the fact that they don’t all have to be about superheroes to be pertinent or cool.


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