My Learning is like a Flower Blooming! Digital Story

Published May 1, 2015 by ashleymelvin34

Sorry this is a little late, I have been dealing with a very sick kid. But now its done and I am not sure how I feel about it but it is better late than ever to show it. I redid the thing at least three times for the narrative. I do not like to speak on a video or put it on YouTube but I guess we learn to be okay with things eventually.

I have used the metaphor My learning and life is like a blooming flower.

I am going to list my credits here because I did not want to add them to the movie because the song was over and I had already saved everything for the third time when I remember I needed to give credit where credit was due.

1st: Common Courtesy of Oliver Bacquet.

2nd: This is my photo of my wedding.

3rd: Common Courtesy of Urban Wanderer

4th: My photo of me and my son right after he was born.

5th: Common Courtesy of Moyan Brenn

6th: My photo of my grandma, my son and I when she was in the hospital.

7th: My photo of my grandma, my son and I at her house.

8th: Common Courtesy of Diana A

9th: My photo of my family: My husband, my son, our dog Marley and myself.

10th: Common Courtesy of Antonio Machado

11th: My photo of my son and I.

12th: Common Courtesy of Luke Price

13th: My photo of me.

14th: My photo of me.

15th: Common Courtesy of Kanegen

16th: My photo of my son Jayden

17th: My photo of my son Jayden

18th: My photo of my son Jayden

19th: My photo of my family at Easter.

20th: Common Courtesy Haflz Issadeen

Song-Nicki Minaj- Moment for Life

I choose this song because this is my moment for life, going for something that I have wanted for so long despite all the setbacks and obstacles I have run into.

Narrative: By me of course

Here is my movie, hope you like it!


2 comments on “My Learning is like a Flower Blooming! Digital Story

  • You have created a beautiful video about your life. I loved the part about your grandma. My grandma has been an intricate part of my life as well. I am thrilled you have known the joy of having a grandma in your life. She always believed in me and has been a great supporter. I am so sorry she passed away but you can see her love for you in how much you care for your family. This will also be true of how much you care for your students.

    I wish you all the best.


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